Thursday, July 19, 2012

create iphone ringtones - how to create your ringtone with your favorite songs.

You be on my blog because you want to know how to create iphone ringtones with your songs.
Know that you be the right place to receive advice on how to create iphone ringtones.
There are several ways to create ringtone for iphone, read this post to know how to create iphone ringtones.

To start you need to itune and cut open the mp3 file of the song you want to use as a ringtone.
Right click on the song. When the menu appears, choose "information.

The following window will open click the Options tab "in the window, there is a" start time "and" stop time "field.
Click the box next to each field and put the time in the song you want the ringtone to start and end of the ring created from the song can not be more than 30 second, but it may be less .

Now back to the mp3 file of the song in your itunes library.
Right-click the song and choose "Convert Selection to AAC".
A new 30-second file will be created, which is not the same file as the original MP3 file. This new file will be 30 second (or as long as the duration that you have chosen in step 2 was).

Drag this new file from itunes on your desktop. Then back to the itunes and delete files that have just been created in step 3 by right clicking on files and going to "remove" in the menu that opens.
Doing this will not affect the original song file or file ringtone that is now on your desktop.

Move the mouse on the icon on the desktop and right click on it.
A menu will appear. Find the "rename" menu selection and click it.
The file ends with "MP". Change the file extension in "mp4r".

Drag the files. Mp4r in itunes. Connect your iphone has a USB port with the USB cable supplied with the phone. When the button "sync" appears, click "ok." This moves the ringtone of the iphone. You now uses with own song as a ringtone on an iphone.
You can repeat this process to make your own ringtone for as many songs as you want.

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